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Angel for Lost and Unloved Children. 22 x 30 inch watercolor painting.


Angel for Lost and Unloved Children,  22 x 30 inches. Watercolor on paper

I was moved to create this painting by some news of some atrocity towards some young children I heard on the news. It was created in the late 90's and last I heard was part of an art collection that includes a Salvador Dali!  

One would think that it is just natural to care for the welfare and happiness of children.   

Yet their millions of children who suffer, and child slavery is fast becoming the biggest illegal business on the planet,  with North Americans being the biggest consumers of child porn in the world, and governments all over the world fail to protect children and also cause wars that destroy children.  

I just want to say:  LOVE AND HELP CHILDREN! 

I guess we have to say it and live it and influence others to do the same. 

This painting was created from this passion.  I originally wanted to donate it to the City of Vancouver but they didn't seem to have a process for that.  It was then on exhibit at the Gas Light gallery in Gastown in Vancouver BC.  The person who purchased it took me to lunch, and wanted to make sure I knew that the painting had prominence in his collection and was accompanied by a Salvador Dali. Quite a feather in my cap. 



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