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The story behind "Ascending"

Growing up I was influenced by my mother, who practiced Buddhism. Though I never really took to chanting, I was very impressed with the concepts of “ the ten worlds” that  I learned at an early age from my Buddhist mother. Though I did not continue in Buddhism, these concepts influence my art, as they are part of who I am. I was also greatly influenced by my father, artist and professional gambler, Joe Mallin.  (Oh....there is a whole other story there!)  I wonder if I ever would have been inclined to pick up a paint brush, had it not been for my father's artistic influence.  

“Ascending” is my first painting in the series where I attempted to express a person, striving towards freedom by enhancing and contributing to all areas of life.  

This painting was strongly influenced by the book. “The Fundamentals of Thought” by L. Ron Hubbard.  Particularly the chapter “The Eight Dynamics” which are described at length in the book.   

To create the painting, I created a “chart” on the paper, with the eight dynamics in mind, similar to this: 

I started with the Self dynamic.  Expressing myself as a flower, reaching up. I often see myself as a flower trying to survive in a turbulent world.  Then I’ve expressed family and love on either side of the flower, and then groups of ladies, and above that my own interpretation of mankind. I did this with multicultural dancers.  For living things, I chose a giraffe and elephant and other living creatures and plants. Water and a sunset for the physical universe.  To express the Spirits, I picked angels. The short chubby one is me, and the taller one is my sister Susy. 

The God or infinity dynamic is expressed as a ray of light. When I was working on this piece my “model” was from my backyard. There was a ray of light coming through the fence.  

Finally, there she is, the main character, striving to be more herself. 

This painting would have never come into existence if it were not for the support of the late Tex Gramlich.   

He sponsored the creation of four large pieces over a period of a year.  This was the first one. We were working on a project to create paintings for a show in New York.  He was a dreamer like me.    Sadly his life was cut short when a tree fell on him, when he was out in the wilderness logging.  

This painting is teaming with life!   Kathy 


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