The story behind the painting Pink Flower with Buds and Swords

Size:16x20 inches acrylic on canvas board  By Canadian Artist, created in  2017 by artist Kathy Poitras

Artist Statement 
Jack and I were watching a documentary on the history of the English Language. When discussing how the Bible was being written by hand, in common English for the first time, they showed an example of one of the first handwritten

On the pages, created hundreds of years ago, there were beautiful folk art looking illustrations of flowers, weaving in and out of the text. Even though I was watching a documentary on You Tube, the beauty and love of those illustrations
came through. (It would be amazing to see the original art)

Riding on the wave of that inspiration and love, I went outside and picked a very tiny flower from the alleyway. I had noticed her before, and happily she was still in good shape. I put her in some water in a small lid, so I could look at her
while I painted.

©Aug 16 2019 all rights reserved by Kathy Poitras

 Pink Flower with Buds and Swords


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