About Kathy Poitras, Naïve Fine Artist

Collection: Discover Your Inner Artist Live Online Coloring Sessions with the Artist

Live online and Live In Person Color ing Sessions with the artist who created the images. 

Artist Kathy Poitras will lead you in a casual adult coloring session of her own color your own images.

Anyone who enjoys coloring, or creating or wants to get their creative juices flowing visually,  and discover their inner artist is welcome to join this group.

At the meetings, we will color the images together, and Kathy will talk about what inspired the image, give you ideas of what colors to use, and introduce some interesting techniques. The camera will be focused on Kathy coloring as the meeting proceeds. Bring fine-tip color markers, Crayola markers are affordable and they have lots of great colors! Also recommended are colored pencils and crayons.   Or any other mediums you have handy and enjoy.

At some of the meetings, children will be welcome to accompany their parents.

Of course, you are free to use your own creativity with the image, and color it however you wish.  Or even go totally rogue and create a completely different image of your own.

Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying some creative moments together.


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Artist Led Color Your Own Session. Live online.
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