From the artist regarding print your own instant digital download files

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to obtain my art by having it printed on your end.  

I also want to remind my followers that any purchases, or sharing of my website is much appreciated.  The height of my art career was before the internet was a thing, and I, along with many other artists have found this new internet age to be very challenging.  I am working to rise to that challenge! 

You may purchase  a large file approximately 50 MB TIF file as an instant download of many of my paintings.  I have used these files to make poster size prints of my art.   Mostly available in the Figurative Expressions collection.  The large transparency of the painting used to make the file were color corrected to match the original art  with my consultation,  at  ABC photocolor in Vancouver BC  where the painting was shot.  This process was very expensive and done  over a period of several years.  and includes approximately 20 paintings.  

For these files, I am charging $100 CAD  for an instant download of the file. 

For files we made ourselves, by shooting the painting with our own camera, I am charging $60.00 CAD and for files of small paintings and illustrations that we scan ourselves, I am charging $20.00 CAD . The listing will tell you the size of the print it will make.  I consider my color your own files to be illustrations, but think $20 might be too expensive so I am charging $4.00 for an instant download  of a color your own file. 

If you do not see a print your own option, contact me and I will let you know if it is available, or could be created.  Generally if I still own the painting, I can get the painting shot and create the file for you.  

You can take the file to an art store and get the print produced, either on canvas or paper, or even metal.  

Here is a document from  Opus Art Supplies in Canada on HOW TO PREPARE YOUR FILES for printing.  I hope you find it helpful! 

When you purchase the digital file, I will send you an official handwritten letter with my official seal, for the provenance of your print.  Giving  you a hand handwritten confirmation from the original artist.  

Please note that the purchase of the print your own instant digital download file gives you permission to use the file to create prints for your own personal use only.  It does not cover any commercial use or reselling of the image. 

For use of images for any commercial uses, logos, licensing,  etc please contact Kathy