Beautiful prints that look and feel like a watercolor painting

If you fall in love with a painting, but are not in the market for original art, or looking for a really nice gift, you may be interested in a signed made to order print of your favorite painting(s)  

They are really beautiful and look and feel like a watercolor painting.  I generally do not have  prints in stock, so when one is ordered I make the print, or get it made to fulfill the order on fine art ink jet paper.  I am fussy about the quality, so rest assured, your print will be beautiful.   

Another more affordable option is that you may wish to purchase a high quality printable instant download digital file.   Click here for an instant digital  download of the agreement for you to sign, stating that you will only use the file  for your own personal use. Once I receive the scan of the  signed agreement, I will send you an electronic quote with a secure payment link and your instant digital file attached. 

One wonderful benefit of this,  is that you will be able to create your own print no matter where you live in the world without having to pay for shipping. 

You can have your local art store make a fine art print for you, or print a smaller copy on your own home color printer. I recommend minimally, that you use a high quality photographic paper, and you can even purchase fine art ink jet papers at art supply stores.  

I have purchased some beautiful linen paper and envelopes, to create a  signed certificate of authenticity, with my own raised seal on it, to provide you with provenance for your print.which I am happy to send you via snail mail,  free of charge.    A photo of you with your print would be wonderful and if you are very happy with the whole process, a testimonial would go a long way! I am sure that there are art stores near you that offer an art print service, offering high quality fine art papers. 

Of course if you want to create commercial prints of mine or Priscilla's work we will have to come to an agreement.  

Not all files are equal.  

Here are the approximate prices for printable files. 

A 300 dpi file suitable for a small print (8.5 x 11 inches or less) of an illustration=$10.00

A 300 dpi file for a print up to 13x 19 inches=$20.00

A 45-48 mb file created for poster size prints=$100.00