Art Cards for Art Lovers. More than a greeting card

On this website you will find the art of Kathy Poitras, and Priscilla Ilasi. 

You may order 8.5 x 11 inch photographic prints in the form of an art card, These art cards are special. They qualify as a gift in themselves. 

It is a pleasure to receive an artist photographic print in the form of an art card! 

Beautiful art prints are 8.5 x 11 inches, and come in the form of an extra large Birthday or Greeting Card.   Handmade and handscored in our studio, the image size is 8.5 x 11 inches. They are sturdy and stand beautifully on a shelf, showing off the art. 

We are just starting out with Art Cards for Art Lovers, and will be adding more artist as we move move forward. 

We take the time and hastle out of acknowledging special occassions for your friends, family and employees

Here are some perks for businesses, where there are  people working from home.  With little time and effort on your part, you can give your valued employees a memorable Birthday Card, that they will treasure! 

We can customize the interior of each card with a  special heading, such as HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  HAPPY RETIREMNT, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW BABY!   (Whatever the case) personalized message from friends and family, colleagues, club members, and teammates. For those who cannot exchange greetings in person, I can scan or copy their message and insert it into the card.

1, Pick the art card or art cards you wish to send.

2. Send your employess an email for the persoanized messages to be emailed to us.  We provide you with a template for the email. 

3. We insert the messages on the inside of the card.

4. We send the card directly to the recipient using your address as the return address. 

Here is an example of what the inside of the card might look like for a small group. 


 You may select shipping without tracking, (which most people use when sending a card) or shipping with a tracking number.  Which includes shipping insurance and tracking.

Kathy Poitras started creating cards and inserting the messages into the cards for a company she is connected to for Birthdays and Special Occasssions. This has given birth to this great idea!  They absolutely LOVE the cards, and the owner is thrilled that she doesn't have to run out to the store to find a wonderful card, and loves how hastle free the whole process is. 

Questions?   Contact Kathy