Ascending Harvest

Ascending Harvest

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An Acrylic painting on stretched canvas.    Ascending Harvest depicts a brown goddess in an arch way. She has large flowers in her hair and carries a huge basket of fruit.   In this painting she strives for spirituality through giving.  The areas of her life are depicted in the boarder around the sides of the painting.  The border tells the story of her striving to reach spirituality through the act of giving. At the bottom there is a rose, to the sides of the rose is her lover and baby. Then above that is a group of brown goddesses together,  above that a multi cultural  image.  Above that on each side an elephant and butterfly. Above that boats clouds and the elements. Then stars and spirits. And a big star on the top depicting the supreme being or creation or infinity.  An expressionist work by artist Kathy Poitras.  

You may purchase the original painting if still available, or a signed print that looks and feels like a watercolor painting created in my own studio. Prints are formatted to fit into standard size mats.

The watermark will not appear on your print. It is for internet viewing only.