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My free gift to you for Christmas 2022  and Happy New Year's 2023!

My free gift to you for Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year's 2023!

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Happy Holidays!    

From Poitras Art Studios (Kathy and Jack Poitras and Priscilla Ilasi)  here is our Holiday Season Free gift! 

What you get is a 4x6 inch pearl print of my painting "Winter Goddess" to celebrate the season.  

plus a copy of the booklet "The Way to Happiness"  a nonreligious moral code and common sense guide to better living.  I didn't write the book.  

When I start feeling like my world is getting smaller, I flip through this booklet to see which precept I can shore up. Then I work on that and feel my world get larger again.

This has helped me creatively and in my life.  

There is a limited number available so order yours today! 

I used this booklet in raising my five children, and when they were feeling bad, I could help them locate which precept or precepts they needed to shore up. With my loving guidance, they worked on putting these precepts into practice.  It was so helpful to them!  

In the spirit of peace and love, and goodwill towards man, I can't think of a free gift I would rather give. 

This booklet was a big part of the inspiration for my "Ascending" series of paintings. 

My best wishes to you and yours to flourish and prosper in 2023!

This is a free gift.  All I ask is that you pay the postage.  Which is $2.00 for Canada without a tracking number, and $2.50 US. 

Warmest regards,

Kathy Poitras


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