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Discover making dreams become reality. For artists and creatives

Discover making dreams become reality. For artists and creatives

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This meetup is for the dreamers. Not the idle dreamers but the dreamers who want their dreams to come to fruition.

Whether your dream is to have more time to devote to artistic creation, master a new media or transfer from being employed by others to being a full time artist. Whether you wish to have the most successful art career in the world or just want to learn how to paint landscapes. No matter what your goal is, this interactive exerercise based on the booklet "Targets and Goals" from the Scientology Handbook will help get you there.

Together we will formulate our own administration scale. This meeting will be extremely interactive. You will be writing down your own personal points of the admin scale. Not sharing with the group.

I will request examples and you will be able to raise your hand if you wish to share a light bulb moment.
This may take some time, so I have aloted two hours for the meeting.
There may need to be a part two and three.

With this information I have sold over 350 original paintings,countless art cards and prints of my own work,and helped run organizations.

Anyone who wishes to aquire practical knowledge that will help them achieve their goals is welcome.

After you register I will send you the zoom link.