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Poitras Art Studio

"Discover Yourself Through Art" Live in person , Artist led workshop. Mon April 29. 6:30-8:30 PM

"Discover Yourself Through Art" Live in person , Artist led workshop. Mon April 29. 6:30-8:30 PM

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Come out and meet new people, and paint, color, and express yourself, with artist Kathy Poitras for this live in-person artist-led interactive exercise

This workshop is inspired by a series of spiritual paintings Kathy created. based on the concept of the eight distinct areas of life. You will create your own images to express each section of the template as it reflects your own life. No artistic talent is required, but artists are more than welcome!

Date and Time:  Monday, April 29th  6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Location:  401 West Hastings Vancouver BC

It is by donation. Suggested donation is $10.00

We will start the meeting with round table introductions.

Kathy will introduce one of her spiritual paintings to you, and introduce the inspiration for the series.

She will lead you through each section of a template where you may create and discover your own areas of life, and, together with music playing, we will paint, color, and express!

People find this workshop to be uplifting, fun and expansive!

You will receive:

  • the 11 x 17-inch template on heavy art paper for each attendee. (I created this template myself)
  • the booklet "The Dynamics of Existence" which is the reference material and inspiration for the exercise
  • coloring implements, crayons, felts, and colored pencils. And New* watercolor paint and brushes.
  • Coffee and muffins are served.

    Here are testimonials from a previous similar exercise.
    "I had an amazing time! This Meetup helped me to realize that sometimes I forget some of my dynamics and I would like to keep them in balance. For sure this exercise made me think a lot! There is freedom to express myself in this workshop through painting and drawing. " Mayra

"I felt that I entered the "rabbit hole" in the 2 hours. It was a brand-new world for me, and incredibly, I was fully devoted to following the instructions and enjoying it so much to express things that popped into my head. I have never done this before. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity."

The paintings that the series is based on were strongly inspired by the Dynamics of Existence as laid out in the book "The Fundamentals of Thought" and the book "The Way to Happiness" and the Scientology Handbook by author L Ron Hubbard.

The Church of Scientology at 401 West Hastings has been kind enough to allow us to use their seminar space for our workshop.

All are welcome to join us!


Event will be indoors

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