About Kathy Poitras, Naïve Fine Artist

Meet the Artist Live Online and view " Musical Ascending"

Meet the Artist Live Online and view " Musical Ascending"

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Meet the artist Live Online. Kathy will present the painting Musical Ascending. 

  • learn the inspiration behind the work
  • see the painting in real time to get a better idea of the size and quality of the work

Meetings are on Thursdays.  All times are Pacific Standard Time. We are located in  North Vancouver.  If booking for a Thursday that is not this coming Thursday, please put in the notes in the shopping cart, the date of the Thursday you are booking for. 

Please register for this meeting at least one day in advance, so that we don't miss you.  Registrations vary and if there are no people attending I might be out enjoying the sunshine! 

Pick a time in the drop down for the presentation.  You will receive an instant digital download of the zoom link.  

I allow an hour for each meeting, but people tend to drop in and out.  

There may be other people at the meeting and other paintings being presented as well. If you are registered I will make sure to have "Musical Ascending" included.