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Naive Fine Art by Kathy Poitras

One on one help for artists. Thursday evenings Live Online. FREE

One on one help for artists. Thursday evenings Live Online. FREE

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If you want help as an artist or in life, I invite you to book a one and one meeting with me.  I am willing to help with anything.   Using the tools I know from the Scientology Handbook based on the works of L Ron Hubbard.   The motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is: Something can be done about it. 

This can be quite powerful, and help change a downward trajectory to an upward one. 

What are my qualifications?

I am an artist and have sold over 300 of my own paintings, and countless prints and cards of my own work.   As artists, and creatives  we are the ones who feed the soul, in this materialistic world.   And I want to help my fellow artists succeed.  

I have trained on all 19 bodies of technology contained in the Scientology Handbook and have helped hundreds of people using this technology.   If you are curious and want some help, I am happy to provide it. 

Once you book your interview I will email you a zoom link.   


Artist and Scientology Volunteer Minister


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