About Kathy Poitras, Naïve Fine Artist

An expressionist painting loosely based on a yellow and pink rose.   Large watercolor and ink. Black background.  Silky looking floral boarder. Purples and blues. Pearlescent paints highlighting certain portions. Kathy's expression of a being moving through her own universe.

Printable high quality art print file of " Being" by artist Kathy Poitras

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Print your own poster or fine art print of the painting "Being" by Canadian artist Kathy Poitras.

42 x 30 inches
Watercolor, ink, and metallic silver ink on 300 lb rag paper
Artist: Kathy Poitras


A painting featuring an abstract rose flying through the cosmos.

    Instant digital download of the printable file. You will receive a high-quality printable file of the painting.  300 dpi for prints up to 16 x 20 inches.  You may take the file to your local print shop or fine art supply store wherever you are and have the print made. Per the artist's copyrights, you may print this file for your personal use, but not for any commercial use or resale.  I recommend you have the file printed on an acid-free fine art inkjet paper, that looks and feels like watercolor paper. You agree not to send the file along to others who might wish to have a print themselves, but rather, refer them to this website.  By respecting the artist's copyrights, you make it possible for the artist to continue to produce and exchange art in the world. There are no refunds on digital products, but if you have trouble with the file, Kathy will assist you. Please allow 24 hours for support

     There are no watermarks on the artwork, digital downloads, or print that you would receive.