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Pink Beauties, folk art painting of two pink tulips

Pink Beauties, folk art painting of two pink tulips

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Acrylic folk art painting of two pink tulips with lots of character, against a yellow sky with tiny yellow blossoms around the bottom of the stems, and grass around the soil, by artist Kathy Poitras

16 x 20 inches, acrylic  on canvas board.

These pink tulips were inspired by the tulips in the nearby park in North Vancouver at Keith and Lonsdale.  

The painting is for sale. Contact Kathy for more information. 

Want a wonderful unique art card to give someone special?

You may purchase a hand made, made to order extra large photographic art cards of "Pink Beauties. " that I call "Art Travelers". With an image size of 8.5 x 11 inches. An "Art Traveler" is an extra large handmade card, mounted on sturdy acid free Bristol board. The photo is signed by me, the artist. The artist statement about the painting is printed on the back of the card.

"Art Travelers" are individually made. Not mass produced. A special art card you won't find anywhere else.

It comes with an envelope and is blank inside.

The thing I love about this unique hand made art card, is that it can be sent to anyone, anywhere. It is big enough to really show off the art, and can stand beautifully on a shelf, or can be placed in a frame and hung on a wall.

Receiving one can give an art appreciator much joy. Joy when initially opened. Joy at the message you write inside, and years of viewing pleasure.

Much care and attention, and love goes into ensuring the image does justice to the painting. That the card itself is just perfect, and can create the desired effect.

I gave one to some friends who were moving away. Years later I went to visit them, and the card was proudly displayed on their buffet. It looked beautiful!

Please note that the watermark is not on the art card you will receive.