delicate pink magnolias on a parchment colored background

Signed print of Delicate Pink Magnolias. by artist Kathy Poitras

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Signed and dated print of a delicate pink magnolias of a naïve watercolor painting by Canadian Artist Kathy Poitras.  I remember when I painted this picture I was using a new fine tooth watercolor block.  I had treated myself to this very expensive and fine, yet tricky paper. I found if I really used a lot of water in the wash it let me paint my blossoms in a flowy manner.  I was challenged by this new medium and by my desire to capture these delicate pink magnolias.  I love the result!! 

The original painting found a wonderful home.  I am delighted to be able to offer you these fine prints of this painting. 

What you get is a signed by me,  and dated,  beautiful made to order print on high quality archival fine art inkjet paper created with love in my own studio.  (except for the largest size 13 x 19 inches which needs to be printed at an art specialty store.) I take great pride in the quality of my prints, as they represent my own paintings.