About Kathy Poitras, Naïve Fine Artist

An acrylic painting of a yellow and orange flower inspired by the daffodil flies against the wind,  I call it The Defiant One. From the imagination of Kathy Poitras.

The Defiant One

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A naive and expressive acrylic painting on canvas by artist Kathy Poitras. A yellow fantasy daffodil flies into the wind. is 22 x 36 inches, Naive expressionist style. Inspired by my own desire to march to my own drummer. Acrylic on canvas expressionist whimsical daffodil painting. original art.

You may purchase the original painting if still available, or a signed print that looks and feels like a watercolor painting. 

You may also purchase a high quality 300 dpi  print your own file for prints up to 13x19 inches. 

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