The Defiant One. Artist Statement Kathy Poitras

The Defiant One. Artist Statement Kathy Poitras
Title: Defiant One
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 22 x 36 inches


 Whenever I have made strides in my life it seems I have had to defy some circumstance, some concept or just the status quo.  The Defiant One is a self portrait of me when I am succeeding. It's a message from my heart.

If you want to do something or be something and feel stopped in your tracks because so and so says this or that.  Just realize that you don't need to agree with that.  

When I started painting my own artist Father laughed at me. He thought it was "cute" that I wanted to do this.  Well...... he eventually came around,

Society mocked me and I heard that this was a very precarious path. I decided  to fly against the wind. To follow my purpose. 

I knew I could do it!  

I then proceeded to sell over 350 of my own original paintings in a ten year period!   

Thank you for reading my Artist Statement about the Defiant One. 

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I had to take a moment… yes. we have 3 of Kathy’s originals. All prized pieces. And my only regret is that my walls are FULL with Kathy’s (and others’) artistry. I’ve seen pictures of huge rooms in mansions and castles where the walls are full AND they have proceeded to the ceilings! Not sure about that on an earthquake fault line but sometimes… I wonder :)


As a proud owner of 2 of your originals and several prints, I am glad you defied the naysayers and the odds. Continue creating my friend.


I know how true this is, as I have been there with you while you defied gravity, comments, and more. Carry on, my lady!

jack poitras

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