About Poitras Art Studio

Poitras Art Studio is founded by Canadian artist Kathy Poitras. 

Kathy's art is naïve yet also falls into the fine art category. She is self taught and has been creating art for over 40 years. 

She has sold over 300 of her original works, and countless prints and handmade art cards.

Currently Kathy lives and works in North Vancouver BC Canada.  

Her media includes acrylic and watercolor paint, hand embroidery and most recently beads. 

We of course do sell original paintings, but our main bread and butter is hand made extra large display art cards from Canadian Artists. 

Want to give a piece of art that is not too presumptuous, yet extra meaningful?

I wanted to create a beautiful art card that was a gift of art, in itself, yet be affordable for people.

They are actual art prints, mounted on sturdy Bristol board, so they stand on a shelf beautifully, for easy display.

Tons of room inside for messages and signatures. 

Each card includes an envelope and comes with a crystal-clear plastic sleeve. The artist's statement is on the back of the card. 

I have started with works created by myself and my daughter Priscilla Ilasi.

We plan on building the collection to include the works of Mike Mallin, Father of Petunia...Last Queen of the Dinosaurs

and soon, abstract artist Pamela Holl Hunt.

We realize that this is a new concept. I know that factory made extra large art cards have been around in the marketplace. This is not the same thing.

When you purchase one of these " art cards" it is handmade with love and you are getting art directly from artists out into the world.

When people receive these they are blown away!

They can become even more meaningful when heartfelt messages are added to the inside of the card.