My purpose for creating the " Discover Yourself Through Art" Interactive Workshop

My purpose for creating the " Discover Yourself Through Art" Interactive Workshop

Artists can evoke emotion and express higher states of being, I believe each one of us is an artist, to some degree. Some have let their artistic self shine, and some have it buried within  themselves. My passion is creating art with all sorts of media and helping people discover  their own inner artist providing a safe and non judgmental space to help urge that artist to the surface, and to  help people  by introducing them to the Tools for Life from the  Scientology Handbook" by L Ron Hubbard.  I used to help me create and sell over 300 original paintings. 

To do this I created a framework for a couple of workshops that I have now delivered to hundreds of people, either online or live and in person. I have met such wonderful people!  Giving these workshops is a real joy!  

Persons of all levels of artistic ability have attended, and all have had an uplifting experience. 

Where attendees Learn the 8 distinct areas of life that inspired a series of  Spiritual Paintings. They discover powerful insights into their own life journey. Many people realize through this exercise that they can influence the world in a positive manner, and that they can create broader effects.



This is a very uplifting exercise where a person creates and expresses their own eight areas of life!  

There are two booklets that inspired the series of painting.  They are The Dynamics of Existence (from the Scientology Handbook) and The Way to Happiness. A non religious moral code. 

Each person who attends the workshop receives a copy of each booklet. A template to color and paint on,  during the exercise, and there are art supplies and refreshments.


Here are some testimonials and pictures from some of the workshops. 

"It was nice trying something out of my comfort zone. It helped me think about different aspects of my life and try to express them"  Ali

"Various materials and guides were presented. So I was able to follw them comfortably. It was good to be able to express feeling about various topics. I'll read the book carefully over, when I get home. It was a little disappointing that I didn't have enough time to draw. But the experience was good.  Thanks for this evening."  Moon

"Happiness is gathering together , Finding the people in the same spiritual level. Happiness is leaving a room with a nice feeling after creating your artwork. Kindness is the sharing heart of people who gift their soul, who share their core emotions to the others and wish to live in a better world peacefully.  Dear Kathy, This is how you make these moments. Thank you so much. You give us this opportunity generously." Ashi

"This is the second time I participated in Kathy;s workshop. As always, it has been the most beautiful event since I have been in Vancouver. I highly recommend Kathy;s course which you can successfully regulate emotions in an artistic way. Also, you will know your SELF deeply. Re-identiification of self is not difficult in Kathy;s space!! Wonderfuil Kathy! " Sisilia

"Kathy, Such a pleasure meeting you! Your workshops always fill me with lots of energy and inspiration. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us. It's an absolutely amazing experience. Thanks!" Yas

"Kathy is so sweet and fun. I love her workshops" Beth
"Dear Kathy, I really enjoyed it. It was really inspiring and interesting. This workshop made me feel comfortable and I really expressed myself through my art work. I appreciate what you offered us. You are a great artist and your kind heart in wonderful. I am wanting to take part in your upcoming workshop. " Ashi
"Kathy, It was anther amazing workshop. Every time that I come to these meetups I leave with lots of inspiration and positive energy. Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and good energy. I am very grateful to you for creating this space and enabling us to connect with our creative soul. Hope to see you at your future workshops."Yas
"We are red blood humans on a planet no matter the skin tone. I have not had this idea before I was asked to visualize humanity. A red hole around a blue planet. This idea is powerful and the event gave me that chance!" Uray
"It was a good time to spend with myself and a quiet and relaxing moment for everyone, Kathy and her team have been super nice. I'll repeat another day."
"I want to start to thank you for the lovely reception. Very warm.  It's great that people take some of their time with family to be with others. I felt really great during the work. I do hope to be able to join it again soon. It;s a great feeling to put our thoughts through drawing and painting and coloring. Thanks. Love Claudia.  
"Very Good!  It's a life reflection of self expression. I LOVE it! " Jessie
"Dear Kathy and Friends, As a newcomer who are into painting, this workshop was amazing as a method of spirit boosting. It would be great if we had time to chat and make new friends.  Anyway, thanks an ocean to give me the artful moments. I will never ever forget these moments." Parastoo
"I really enjoyed the workshop. I learned a lot of new concepts about life through the eight dynamics.  Also converting it into an art was fun, takes a bit of thinking but thanks for some examples Kathy!  You did great explaining those!! "Nanveet
"It was my first time to draw pictures base on so many themes and it was fun :).  Thank you for giving me the opportunity" Sato
"This is a warm and friendly meetup. It help me to find the emotion of myself by art.  I love it. I hope I will join the next activity."
"I loved the workshop. This was my first time painting and I love it. Thank you for this meetup." 
"This was a lot of fun! Kathy has a very nice personality. This idea of painting seven dynamics is very interesting. I got to meet people from different backgrounds and hear their stories. It was a beautiful event. Thanks a lot for Kathy and her team for creating this perfect opportunity where I could relax and enjoy my time at this new hobby of mine. " Anup



Our next workshop is Monday evening July 22nd downtown Vancouver.

Here is a link with the details.



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    Yes! During this art meet-up, somehow this unused and underrated (by me) creation ability started to reawaken. It was an odd feeling, like me starting to come out through the action of drawing. As it reawoke, I got these little self-abasement thoughts coming up; I recognized them and realized that they are not part of me, they are what BLOCK me from expressing MY OWN thoughts and visions.
    I can definitely see that when the environment is conducive to letting one’s true, inner self be able to be communicated (like at these meet-ups), it happens. It happens always, maybe not the first time, but eventually it WILL happen. And personally, I had the joy to experience it.
    I realized I have just written my feed-back! You are free to use it in promotion! F.


    What a beautiful event. I loved learning about the eight dynamics and expressing myself through art. It is so validating to be able to create and tap into my inner artist. Thank you Kathy!


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