42 x 29 inches
watercolor, ink and gouache on 300 pound rag paper
by artist Kathy Poitras
Artist statement
I would like to share my more spiritual pieces, and also the influence behind them. In my mind, the purpose of art is to help uplift one's fellows. The paintings in this series are influenced by my mother, who practiced Buddhism. Though I never really took to chanting, I was very impressed with the concepts of the ten realms. 
Then when I was 16 I became interested in Scientology, and through Scientology I discovered that there are eight distinct areas of life.  These areas are called the Dynamics of Existence. 
My experience was that if I consciously tried to have a positive impact on each area, I had a feeling of more expansion and more space. 
I would have more influence in my world and I would feel happier! 
This painting was created with this concept in mind. 
In the middle of this painting is the young woman, reaching and striving towards her own spirituality. 

The border of the painting expresses each area of her life, starting at the bottom and wrapping around the painting. 
I often express who I am with a flower and a root.  
My love life when I was younger
My mother life nursing my baby
I feel a bond with woman all over the world and love the aesthetic of these images
We are woman. Nurturing and giving. We make the world go round. 
All woman from all over the world
and men too. 
The world is teaming with life.  Giraffes 
elephants and birds, trees, flowers and plants
: The elements. Water, air and light. The physical universe is all around us
More of the elements water air and light
  I used an angel to express myself as a spirit. I am the short fat angel.
My sister Susy is the tall skinny angel.
And on top of it all is infinity or God.  The image was inspired by a ray of light coming through the fence in my backyard. 

I host artist led interactive exercises where the participant creates  a layout for a personalized version for themselves, creating the bones for one of these spiritual paintings. It's fun, interactive and uplifting to do this exercise.

They are provided with a  template which is self explanatory and has no images on it.

This workshop is for anyone who enjoys art and would like to see an artists work and hear the stories, and who would like to explore their own lives, and see what they can come up with based on the model I created  in my "Ascending" series. It's not an art lesson as much as a self expression lesson using art.

Feedback from a recent event:

""That was absolutely one of the best events I ever been at.  Thanks Kathy for creating such wonderful hours in my life. " B.Z. 


"Calm, patient education and instruction. Thank you!" A.S. 


"I really appreciate today's session. Full of peace, art, and love. Could not be more grateful Kathy and Penny.!
I learned about the eight dynamics and just by learning about it, I feel much more expanded and bigger and stronger" G.H.
"Really well organized and planned. Nicely timed and well illustrated. Uplifting event. " S.T.
"This meetup was really great! You're an inspiration-thankyou for your artistic guidance. What I learned
1) Be expansive
2) Keep listening to your artistic intuition-
3. Kindness still does exist :) A.L.
"I make it to find out what I've been thinking inside of me. There is the contrast between calm and energetic. Hope I will express expression with flowers, as I am a florist. Thank you!" K.S.
"Great e Host!
This workshop left me with an impact. Thought-provoking. " K.V.

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