What does "The Way to Happiness" book have to do with art?

What does "The Way to Happiness" book have to do with art?

My purpose as an artist is to help uplift my fellows. With paintings, with teaching and in my day to day life.  

I believe if we all make an effort to use our influence and help uplift the world with our intention, our prayers, sharing our knowledge, our art and our actions, we can make a difference. 

But how can I be uplifted enough to feel the inspiration to create, to communicate and to care about others?

Even though I am well versed in "The Way to Happiness"  for many years, I still refer to it mentally in my daily life.  If I start feeling my creativity  wane,  and start being upset about something or other in my life, I flip through the precepts and see which of the precepts I may have let slide. I work to get that one in, and my space starts to widen again.  

I have experienced the above time and time again!

One cannot create art to the degree that one could if one is too embroiled to feel the art and communicate it. Sure, some great artists have  even been known to be very embroiled in some terrible situations or drug abuse,  and still created great art, But when I think of what they could have created had that not been the case.  And perhaps some of them would still be here with us if they knew and used " The Way to Happiness"  I think of the long list of rock musicians who died so young,  Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, and more. 

The fact is, if one wishes to make a difference in this world, (And most artists do want to) one needs to be able to hold a position to emanate from.  When creating any kind of art you are doing that.  The Way to Happiness helps with that.

I do what I can to help others open up their creativity. 

I have given over 100 workshops since covid,  either online or live and in person. 

Discover Yourself Through Art where creative people express their own eight areas of life inspired by a series of paintings I created called the Ascending Series:

and the booklet "The Dynamics of Existence"  from the Scientology Handbook. *

And Emotions and Art:

At my art workshops I always hand out copies of the Way to Happiness booklet. I let them know about the Free e-course offered free by the Way to Happiness Foundation.  But why? Why do I do this?  

I do this because when I do, it makes my artistic space wider and I am more easily able to create.  I feel as if I know a great secret!  And I want to share it with everyone, since we are all trying to create our lives with the least amount of missteps, and advance in our endeavors. 

The course is GREAT!  It walks you through each chapter and shows you a really captivating video of the chapter, and asks  some multiple choice questions to check your understanding. 

I think it is brilliant and I LOVE the videos used.   It makes it easy and inspiring!


I strongly recommend it to EVERYONE!   And if you do take the course, take the whole course.  It is VERY uplifting, but you have to get there.  You might not think "Brush Your Teeth" is very inspiring but just keep going. It is extremely uplifting.  


  *The Way to Happiness" is a book by L. Ron Hubbard. It is a non-religious moral code. 


Warmest Regards,

Kathy Poitras


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This is so amazing! I love it Kathy! Your art has always amazed me!!!!

Lyanna Racedo

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