“Metamorphosis” by Canadian Artist Kathy Poitras Artist Statement

“Metamorphosis”  by Canadian Artist Kathy Poitras Artist Statement

Size: 42×29 inches  watercolor, ink, pearlescent paint, gouache  on 300lb rough rag paper.  A burst of emotion, straight from my passionate heart onto the paper.  I am extremely delighted with the cocoon, which is made of pearl paint and acrylic. I sometimes feel held back by invisible strands. A concatenation of people's opinions and economics and my own mistakes.   I  keep trying to break free. Break out of my dark little shell and be me.  In this painting she has managed to break free.  Her wings are squeezing out of her shell, and she is about to embark on a great adventure.  I felt them squeezing out of the shell when I painted them. She's weary from  her struggle to get this far. And wary about what  the future holds. What lurks in the forest? She hesitates. But there's no turning back. The cocoon is broken.

I offer made to order  prints on fine archival paper, printed in my own studio,  of this painting.  13 x19 inches. I love to embellish the cocoon and other parts of the painting with pearlized paint, as the original has.   

For requests, a live viewing of  this painting in North Vancouver BC, or a live online meeting with Kathy,  email poitrasart@shaw.ca or call Kathy or Jack at 778-710-4383


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