The Story Behind the painting "Woman" by Kathy Poitras

The Story Behind the painting "Woman" by Kathy Poitras


Woman 48x24x2 inches painted on the sides.  She  is simply my celebration of our strength, our beauty and our nurturing natures.   I was delighted when I created this painting. I have heard artists on award shows, who say “And I thank God for this” and I heard a story, (I don’t know how accurate it is) that Michael Jackson called someone he was working with at 3:00 in the morning, to tell him about a song he just realized, and the guy said “Michael, It’s 3:00 in the morning. Tell me tomorrow. And Michael said “God gave me this song, and I have to act on it now or he’ll give it to Prince” I understand that.  Sometimes art is simply Divine inspiration. You just sit in front of a canvas and what occurs, occurs. 

By artist Kathy Poitras


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