Photographic Prints of the artist's work make wonderful gifts for those with an artistic bent

A beautful photogrpahic print matted and framed, with the certificate of authenticy on the back of the frame, can be a very thoughtful gift. 

The idea we have for offering these, is an art gift that isn't too presumptous, like an orignal painting or fine art print might be.

Here at Naive Fine Art by Kathy Poitras, we take extra steps to help you make your gift meaningful and thoughful. 

Available in standard sizes, we offer prints matted by our own hand in our studio. ready to frame, or not matted. 

These affordable gift prints are made to order on photographic paper with a pearl finish. Giving them a lovely fine art look. 

We create a 2x3 inch cerificate of authernticy for the artwork, signed by the artist.  This certificate can be attached to the back of the mat of frame of the piece.  

You can find ready made frames at most major department stores, craft stores, art stores, and even drug stores that have a phot lab. For a more artistic look we recommend art stores who offer pre made frames. 

Or you can get the print framed at a custom framing place. 

We recommend that you bring your print with you when shopping for a frame.

Once you have the print framed, you can wrap it up and viola!  A beautiful, thoughtful artistic gift!  

It goes without saying that selling art in the post covid world is beyond challenging.  Your purchases help keep art  alive and we very much appreciate them and you. 

Kathy Poitras