Hi Kathy - “my friends and family LOVED Kathy’s Christmas cards. A nice refreshing touch compared to the usual Hallmark cards you find in the store. Thank you for helping make this Christmas special for my family!” - Alannah


"Remember this painting? I do love it-my friend called it "stunning" Since then I painted the room kind of "peach" to go with it." L.B. Scarborough ON 

K.B.  Ontario

" Omg!! Kevin gave me the present!!  He couldn't wait until my birthday! Thank you for making such a beautiful piece for me to enjoy for a very long time. I am a super huge fan of your work!! Take care. XOXOX Love it!!"  P.T.

P.T. Surrey BC

"I recently bought this original from Artist, Kathy Poitras. I was able to find the perfect frame for it and it just totally brightens up the room (and my day)!! 

Actually I find all of Kathy's work to be playful, cheery, and uplifting to the soul!!! 
Her colours along with her "flowy flair" are refreshing."
Paulette Layton  Hamilton ON

"Just thought I would tell you. I love my painting. Wally painted my office and we put it back up and it just looks amazing. Just sayin." T.L. Sept 5 2020

"My favorite. I love the colors and the different areas of life represented... " CGT Burnaby BC