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Kathy Poitras

Hand Made Art Card After The Hurricane

Hand Made Art Card After The Hurricane

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This card is a reproduction of an expressionist watercolor and ink painting of an abstract emotional sunflower. An abstract sunflower takes center stage!  

by Naive Expressionist Kathy Poitras

 XL:  What you get is a beautiful 8.5 x 11-inch art card, printed on fine art inkjet paper, giving it a textured look and feel.  These sturdy made-to-order display art cards are 8.5 x 11 inches and stand beautifully on a shelf, really showing off the art. 

There are two versions of this extra-large card:

  • Image with Special Occasion Message on the bottom. You may request any message you wish.  EXAMPLES:   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GET WELL, YOU ARE STRONG etc.
  • Image with no message on the bottom

Tons of room inside for messages and signatures. 

5 x 7-inch package of six:  SAVE $9.95

Contact the artist for wholesale and larger orders.

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