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"Angela" Acrylic on stretched  Canvas. By artist Kathy Poitras

"Angela" Acrylic on stretched Canvas. By artist Kathy Poitras

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Mixed media expressionist painting, an abstract and beautiful flamenco dancer inspired by my daughter Angela.

30 x 40-inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas. 

My emotion was exhilaration while I painted her, and interestingly enough, Angela, (my daughter)  who is just like that all time, popped into my painting. I looked at it after completing the piece, and said “hey! That’s Angela!!!” And everyone agreed it was.

Photographic prints are standard sizes, which makes framing easy!   You can select a frame for your print in any major drug store or department store,  frame the piece, place the certificate of authenticity on the back of the frame, and make a meaningful and thoughtful art gift.  

All of my prints, large and small come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by me, that can be placed on the back of matting or framing.   This image of "Angela"is not legitimately available for sale from any other vendor than myself, the original artist.  When you purchase from this website, you are directly contributing to my artistic expansion.  

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