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Kathy Poitras

Birthday Art Card of Freedom Rose For Dad.

Birthday Art Card of Freedom Rose For Dad.

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A handmade photographic Birthday Card, of Kathy Poitras' naive art style, of a hand-embroidered rose blossom in an acrylic painting that also features beadwork. Inspired by my father, Joe Mallin, who had polio as a child. My Zeyde told me a story; my Dad went into the forest and threw away the orthopedic brace, then crawled back home, determined to live free of its restraints. I was awestruck by his courage. 

by Naive Expressionist Kathy Poitras

 XL:  What you get is a beautiful 5x7-inch art handmade photographic art card, direct from the artist.

There are two versions available.  One with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY message on the bottom of the front of the card, and one without the message. 

Contact the artist for wholesale and larger orders.

"I love Kathy's cards. They are very beautiful and high quality.

I just ordered more of her Freedom Rose" which is particularly meaningful at this time in our global events. 
Her cards are always met with a Wow! or an Aww! or a How Beautiful! by the person on the receiving end.  And they can be framed as art pieces!" Paulette Layton. Toronto


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