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A rose breaks free from it's chains. 8x10 inch hand embroidered rose blossom as part of an acrylic painting. There is also beadwork in the painting.

Freedom Rose for Dad.

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A rose breaks free from its chains. 8x10 inch hand embroidered rose blossom as part of an acrylic painting. There is also beadwork in the painting. 

Recently with the pandemic, I was thinking about my Dad, Joe Mallin.  When he was a child he had polio.  My Zeyde told me a story about this when I was a girl. 

The story goes, that my Dad went into the forest by himself. He went deep into the forest to the lake.  He took off the brace and threw it in the lake, and crawled home on his hands and knees, determined to live without the braces. 

I was enthralled with admiration when I heard this story.  

So I have now completed this painting and dedicated it to my Dad.  For his courage to break free of his shackles.  

He is the big blossom, and I am the small cute one tagging on. 


You may request a no-obligation quote for the original painting "Freedom Rose for Dad" Please include a price range you might consider paying for this original artwork so that I may respond correctly. For your frame of reference, I would expect to receive between $249.00-$359 for this piece.  It includes so much detailed hand embroidery and beadwork.  


Meet the Artist: 

I can show you the painting in a live online zoom meeting or you may book a studio visit in North Vancouver BC Canada. (Lower Lonsdale area) and see this and other works live and in person.  There is no obligation to purchase.

It delights me to share my art with people.  I love to talk about the paintings and have many great stories.  If you are an art lover you might enjoy learning firsthand the story that inspired the creation.  You can see the condition of the painting and get a better idea of its actual size and quality of the work.  (Of course, live in person is best, but not always possible) I plan to record my live online meetings where I talk about the paintings to create content for my youtube channel I hope to create. 

Please propose a time and date on weekend mornings, and Mon-Thursday 5:00 PM-8:00 PM PST/ 8:00-11:00 PM EST.

I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Of course, I appreciate your support. Subscriptions to my website, quote requests, art viewings, tips, and purchases are all welcome and very appreciated.