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Art by Kathy Poitras

What a Peach Watercolor on paper

What a Peach Watercolor on paper

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A naïve fantasy painting of a lady dancing amongst the flowers. 
Watercolor  On 22 x 30-inch rag paper.  An early work by artist Kathy Poitras.   

  • About the art cards. 

I wanted to create a beautiful art card that was a gift in itself for art lovers.  These sturdy made-to-order display art cards are 8.5 x 11 inches,  and stand beautifully on a shelf, really showing off the art. 

Tons of room inside for messages and signatures. 

We can add any message or group of messages inside the card.  Perfect for companies or groups of people who don't get a chance to see each other in person. 

  • Framable 8.5 x 11-inch photographic print is perfect for an affordable yet beautiful art gift. Get it framed at a local art store. 
  • Large high-quality quality printable digital file makes it possible for you to have a fine art print created wherever you are. 
  • the original art. 




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