The Human Cartoon. Acrylic on Gallery Canvas by artist Kathy Poitras

The Human Cartoon. Acrylic on Gallery Canvas by artist Kathy Poitras

48 x 36 inches, on gallery canvas.
acrylic, hand embroidery, beads and pompoms. 
I sold this painting when I had only painted most of the center. I searched for elements to add to it, to further communicate the emotion I was working on expressing. Like "evil" beads, and "evil" pompoms. which I found at the dollar store. 
The painting Human Cartoon was very strongly influenced by the concept that if one were to help all the areas of life, one would flourish, expand and be happy.  but if one were to harm the various areas of life, to a small or large degree the opposite would happen.   Inspired by the book "The Way to Happiness" (a non religious moral code by L. Ron Hubbard, and the "Dynamics of Existence" from the book "The Fundamentals of Thought" also by L. Ron Hubbard.  
The star of my painting is a beautiful woman.  On one side she is teaming with life, and on the other side she is actually harming her life. Wearing a mask to hide behind.  
I wanted to express her individuality with this flower at the bottom of the painting.  On one side she flourishes, and on the other side she is dying.
In the border that wraps around the painting, there are all the areas of her life, and how she is effecting them.   
Here is a closer look at the border.  Each one expresses the dichotomy of that area of life. 

I recently re-studied the book The Way to Happiness. I love that it is a non religious guide.   I felt uplifted, comforted, and actually could see how it could help improve my world and the larger world around me, just by practicing or attempting to practice the precepts in that book.

As I studied the precepts I could see I have many of them in, as second nature, but also that I need to work on others. It is a beautiful book.    

I believe if we all make an effort  to use our influence and help uplift the world with our intention, our prayers, sharing our knowledge, our art and our actions, we can make a difference.  

I am offering a booklet, The Way to Happiness as my free gift to you.

All I ask is that you pay shipping. 


Join me for a live online artist led interactive exercise on Jan 24th at 6:00 PM PST


Kathy Poitras


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Hi Kathy,
This is a wonderful description, text wise and painting.
So well done!!!


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