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"The Dynamics of Existence "Booklet

"The Dynamics of Existence "Booklet

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This booklet was a big part of the inspiration for my "Ascending" series paintings.  

I believe if we all make an effort  to use our influence and help uplift the world with our intention, our prayers, sharing our knowledge, our art and our actions, we can make a difference.  

I am always seeking the emotional space, so that I can experience the fluidity that I need to create an outstanding work of art.  Knowing the Dynamics of Existence assists me greatly in getting into that high toned emotional space needed to create. 

"The Dynamics of Existence" booklet is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. 

Here are the eight urges toward survival or “dynamics” which make up life itself.  This booklet describes these urges toward survival, that I have expressed creatively in my paintings.  

 By understanding these, the tangles of life unravel and you can gain control once again. With the information contained in this booklet you will learn how to balance your personal goals with your family, work and every other part of your life.