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Poitras Art Studio

event donations/ tips Interactive Art Exercise

event donations/ tips Interactive Art Exercise

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Tips and donations

With the help of my wonderful assistant, Penny, I have delivered the Discover Yourself Through Art Interactive Exercise, and Art and Emotions Live and In person to about 160 people.  I started the meetups live online during covid hoping to help uplift spirits during such a difficult time.   I have uplifted the spirits of over 1000 people, and feel this is a worthwhile endeavor.  

I want these sessions to be available to anyone who may wish to attend, so I don't charge upfront.      

But I do accept and very much appreciate tips and donations!! 

Because of donations, I can provide printed templates on art paper, crayons markers, and pencils. watercolor paints,  Reference booklets, etc. 

Your donation is much appreciated and makes it possible to continue to offer these sessions live and in person. 

Tips and donations are nonrefundable.

Thank you so-o-o-o much for your participation.  I appreciate your support!



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